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July 24, 2011


Definitely mayonnaise for me! I have a sister who makes a dip we both love and I swear I can always tell when she uses MW rather than M. Even the Lite M tastes so much better than MW. Down with MW and M forever! :-)

My parents had the same battle when first married. My mother and Mayonnaise won! That being said thee was never Miracle Whip in our house BUT my paternal grandmother only had Miracle Whip (hence my parents dilemma.) I still use only mayonnaise in any potato/pasta salads but I keep a tiny jar of miracle whip to occasionally use on a burger or turkey sandwich. That "tangy zip" always reminds me of summers at Grandma's house.

As far as summer reads, I am still working through all of Jocelyn Jackson's novels as recommended by a certain friend. Enjoying them more and more. Thank you!

MW only. Can tolerate mayo.

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