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June 07, 2011


I saw the Wave at the Bus site today too & laughed. My fav was the fireman calendar hunk.

Summer vacation is stressful with various babysitters & camps & oh my...

We are still in school until the 15th due to the storms and then power outage after everyone else was back. uuggghh...No complaining from eldest on the 90 degree days God love her. Youngest has been out since memorial day and loving it. Sat is a BIG day at the business as we have lots of outside orders. 25 platters for a wedding and graduation party orders and an order for Wersell's Bike Sale. Hoping for lots of customers to maybe make a 1 day sales record. Vacation in July...wwooooohhhho.
In the back of my mind though a heavy heart for a little family we know.

Mine has started out great. Took the kids out of school early and headed to the beach. We sat in the sun and read a book each day (Heaven!)ate some great meals and played games with the kids after dark. What a great way to kick off summer. Oh, I forget...we walked down the beach to get ice cream, great ice cream every evening after dinner. Nothing says summer like ice cream melting down your fingers while walking in the sand!

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