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October 17, 2010


I am loving fall lax tournaments. I love watching this game even when it isn't my kids playing. I love sitting in the hot tub now that the evenings are crisp and clear. I love the fall colors and my little fall display on my front porch. I am looking forward to the mid term elections and will be happy for the signs, negative ads and phone calls to stop!

I've been digging wearing flannel pajamas and sleeping in flannel sheets. Isn't everything better with flannel? (And bacon, I do agree about the bacon!)

Hi Debbie, fun post. I've been digging Snookie and company on their new season of Jersey Shore. Reality TV Rules!

Digging fall displays, flannel, reality tv and still digging Bacon...
thanks for sharing

Hello. Is the contest still going? You posts about football and your son really resonate with me. I'm "digging" watching my boys play sports too. I'm one proud mama whenever Holden or Caden take the field? Their skill impresses me ever time. Good luck with your boy!

This fall season I am greatful for walkers and crutches gone. Whew that was a long almost over recovery. The crisp smell of leaves and a BIG deer staring at me through the study window last night while standing on our sidewalk. Bikerides and not sweating and the red, yellow and orange, peachy colors on my travels. I'm just plan digging my favorite season....FALL a.k.a Autumn

LAF, I'm with you. Fall is my favorite season as well and I am thrilled to see the changing leaves, taste the crispness in the air, and feel the cold wind.

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