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May 04, 2010


Good Lord miss agnes.....it almost makes me want to watch tv. It is all you said it was and then some....pictues, dvd, May crowning, confirmation, 1200 in the Rosary Cath and my child getting up there and singing a solo. GEEEEZZZZ ....I guess I better just breath.

My random thoughts: Our new weird word is ridonculous (SP??) I had a nice chat with father B-didn't resolve any of my issues but he was nice to talk to even though I have no voice. Made "talking" to him a little tricky! You missed book club, K broke her finger even though she doesn't believe it is brocken. With so much going on in your life, how do you have time for so much TV? Random enough?

P.S.to LAF, your edlest did a great job on her solo-I loved watching her climb up those stairs-wow!

LAF- your busy time is totally winding up! Remember to breathe and enjoy!

LAM- Yes- random enough- The TV thing- well thank the Good Lord for the DVR- I can catch up quickly!!

Deb! I love your blog, I read it quite often and it always gives me a laugh, a thought to ponder or just a minute to deflate! Thanks!

That is so cool that you are meeting with other bloggers in the area. I've been searching for a group, but haven't found one. I even contacted an old client at the Blade and asked if she knew of a group. She didn't. Her response, "There are a lot of people blogging in the Toledo area. Not all are good."

Have fun, looking forward to the details.

BTW, Real Housewives of NYC is my guilty pleasure too. Seriously, Jill needs to graduate from junior high! I also love the new show Modern Family. The dad with the 3 kids reminds me so much of a friend's husband it's uncanny.

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