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November 16, 2009


The jewelry is gorgeous, having a personal jewelry designer is what every woman SHOULD have, and the photography is quite stunning -- I love the way the earrings are displayed. Book reviews, movie reviews, jewelry sales -- this little blog of yours is going places, my friend! (Plus I absolutely love your contests!)

I have some shopping done already for little nieces purchased the items this summer 90% off. Subway hoodies for some teens and for my girls that is the toughie...they don't ask for anything aaghhhhh.
Hubby is working on a garage organizer system so he will be easy. Other than that just donated some food to cherry street mission thorugh a friend and the rest will be flying by the seat of my scattered britches. How is the desk coming????

It is just amazing that it is time to think about this again - when the kids were young I would be done before Halloween. Right now I can not even think about, you would have to drag me into a store right now

Ditto, Beth!!! the photography is gorgeous!! And Deb, I think I would tout the fact that I have a personal jewelry designer. Cuz that's gonna make Julie veeeeeeery "in demand!" Don't we all want what we don't have?? I love your blog! Next best thing to living in Tol and driving you crazy. :) You rock!
[as a snowman collector who is over the top ~ these earrings are a must have! thanks for sharing!]

LOL ~ I got so excited that I didn't read the last paragraph. hahahaha

shopping?????? argh. I just finished hosting TG for both sides of the family. [schedules demanded an early celebration.] That was all time consuming. I didn't have any concept of how close Christmas was until I was scheduling a patient at work and noticed our next clinic was Dec 4!! How in the hell did *that* happen???????

I'm a list maker. Very much so! Cuz my memory stinks! But if I see something I know someone would like, I add it to my list later. I used to shop all year. Not so much this year. Good luck with your season's activities, Deb! :)

The girls have those snowman earrings and they love them. Perfect size for them and they can wear them all winter because they aren't "christmasy."
I am a list maker. So far, I have evertone's names in the paper and one gift listed! Three of four kids have fall birthdays (one not until tomorrow) so Christmas is really hard. Thsy don't want anything or maybe I don't want them to have the things they want?

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