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July 17, 2009


I feel as if I am double dipping since I just told B but I am reading The 13th Tale right now and it is a real book readers book - the idea is that an famous author is about to die (we think) and during her professional life has given hundreds of interviews about herself - but they are all lies (we think) they were just tidbits of stories and character running around in her head that she just did not use but wanted to make a mini stories about and so she feed them to reporters Now she is finally going to tell the truth (we think) Have not finished yet but I really have a good feeling and it has been VERY interesting

Okay I just checked out funnyordie.com and watched the Jon Without Kate Plus 8 (on the weekends) sketch. It was a hilarious! I never noticed just how often Jon defers to Kate to answer questions directed at him and his facial quirks -- constant juvenile facial quirks! It was too much. Thank you for introducing me to this funny site.

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