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October 20, 2011


Wow! That is all I can say about the doctor's office incident. I can't believe that someone would actually have the energy to go back and yell at someone for that! While I agree with you Deb, I have been on the end of being upset by someone's parking rudeness and probably complain in my car, I wouldn't actually go back in and do it publicly.
While it was a small thing, I still was impressed by an incident on Saturday. While at Chucke Cheese for my 5YO nieces birthday party, the part next to us gave us several coupons to share which helped defray the cost of the party. Also while at CC, a little boy from the party was leaving and offered his tickets to another child because he was leaving. He could have kept them, but instead gave them to someone else. A very small act, but nonetheless impressive. It's the little acts that restore our faith!

I love the Random Acts of Kindness- for sure- they do restore your faith in humanity. I try to practice one each day if I can...

I have seen the guy with that vinyl sign too and thought it was incredible that he had the nerve to stand there with it! I had one better though. While sitting on the Corey road ramp (which takes a long time most days) a lady got out of a new minivan behind me and started screaming at the "homeless" lady that was standing there. She got out her cell phone and threatened to call the police if she didn't stop begging there because it was against city ordinances. The woman walked away toward Sylvania ave. As soon as she was out of sight, the lady from the van pulled her folded up cardboard sign out from under her sweatshirt and stood there BEGGING! Her ride pulled away behind me and told her she did a great job. Unbelievable...

Wow- there really are no words for that- except talk about having big Ba#$%! Enterprising "homeless" folks- sure know how to work it.

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