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February 02, 2011


after work on Monday evening my employee M went to walmart because Kroger, foodtown, kmart were all out of batteries and guess what so was the superwalmart. I think the ice threat and no electricity scared people. Kudo's to walmart for having bread and milk. Good ole peanut butter and jelly always taste good when you can't cook, microwave etc etc. So far T made brownies and tonight it is good ole spag and meatballs with some plain long loaf french bread. yum.

Monday is my regular shopping day. I knew we were going to get some snow but had no idea people would be so panicked. When I went to Kroger it was packed and they were out of the strangest things. No potatoes, onions, bananas, lettuce or cheese. What were people thinking?? Eggs, bread, milk...all plenty. Really if you loose power, what are you going to do with a bag of potatoes an onion, lettuse and shredded cheese? I had to adjust my menu for the week because roasted potatoes were not going to happen!

I just love how prepared people like to become, for our house when a snow day come guess what you are eating - snow, as my mom would say, you wanted the snow so much eat it! Really I do fee the kids other food but snow is a staple on a snow day and no need to get to the store to stock up.

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