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December 30, 2010


you are way ahead of me friend. Sleeping in is putting it mildly. I have totally abused the privlage. Ended up staying home better half is under the weather with a sore throat and aches. Eldest and I sang at 7pm mass there was a whopping 45 congregation in attendance. It was nice. Hope your new year is filled with lots of love, happiness and wealth and health. Looking forward to more of your blogs.

Oh my!! I am green with envy. I did take down the santabears today, to a serenade of Your a Mean One Mr Grinch. The tree could not be touched lest I have a mutinany. So I will live vicariously through your neat and tidy home. Please wise men get here quick!!

Just because I like to keep it real- I must confess that all the decorations have not come down! I have cleared out a room or two- but their remains are stacked all over the living room- and now with your reminder ....I don't feel so bad, that will be my story too- I'm waiting for the Wise Men...by the way, how many of the Wise Men do you still have travelling? Have any met the same end as the camel? Just wondering? HNY!

I am always sad and glad to have the Christmas things come down. The house looks so bare but I am getting a little sick of trying to clean around everything! The kids insist it all stays until Epiphany (which means January 6 regardless of when we have the Mass celebrating Epiphany.) I did take the tree and nutcrackers out of the kids study while they were at school today. They will be most sad but everything is back in order for homework.

We always have some kind of cabbage & pork on New Years day as well. Thus year I did the red cabbage I had made for Matt's bday dinner last year and pork chops in the crock pot. Must say they were the best pork chops ever. Never did them that way before but it will be the stand by prep from now on.

LAM- Speaking of that cabbage- I'm still waiting for the recipe...hands down one of my favorite cabbage recipes.

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