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June 07, 2010


You forgot something - The ICE - they have the really really good ice!!!

K- Your right- oh the ice- I could go on and one about the ice...actually, you'll be glad to know they sell their ice in bags through the drive-thru. It just gets better and better!

Are you serious??? You have made me a happy woman. I have been thinking lately will I have mixed feelings when I no longer have to visit the boat room - only for the ice - but I think if I visit too much longer they may ask a few questions
This will be a much better option :)

I had no idea....we love Sonic but Perrysburg from Petersburg was just a little to far. So excited for the news.

I am jealous of your Sonic...and your Costco...and your Chipotle. There are some things my little midwestern heart just yearns for!

We LOVED our Sonic sampler and can't wait to do our patriotic duty now that we know what we were missing!

Where is the new Sonic?

I just saw that Sonic being constructed. I've never been to one. Hopefully Grant won't find out or all his disposable income will be gone.

The new sonic in NW OH is located on Secor Rd near Central Ave.

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