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June 06, 2010


Glee is one of the American shows I can see here and I try not to miss it. Although my degree is in theatre and I spent time with some talented folks in those days, none are what I ever refer to as geeks like they do the kids on the show.

Different for sure, but never geeks!

You are the coolest kid on the block working on your computer and watching HULU! I haven't seen Glee yet either but now you have me intrigued.

You missed a few other great quotes: "How do I look?" and "I was dead-dead?"

Thank you for all you did. So glad CW got my steel magnolias out in force for me! Love ya!

Elizabeth- I don't think Theatre kids are geeks either! (I happened to be a speech team kid..and dabbled in theatre.) But some of my best buds were in the Show choir!

Beth- Definitely-check out Glee! You'll be glad you did!

LAM- I forgot about the first one - and didn't know about the 2nd one! Just so happy- that these are quotable! Wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else- Laughter through the tears as one of the Magnolia's says...anything, anytime...you got it.

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