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March 28, 2010


John is the king of using things up. You wouldn't believe how empty our shelves and frig can get. We don;t go hungry as my expanding waistline can testify, but there is something really impressive in the way he does things. We really throw very little away.

love it...I did this very thing last year and I realize our cupboards look a little bare but no expired dates ever and it is amazing how it has changed out meat/potatos/veg/fruit routine. I call some of my dinners a minagery....the kids kinda like it. Hubby is trying to eat more protein and wheat so he has been asking for specific things then I go from there. Love this reminder thanks. Can't wait to hear what meatless Good Friday brings.

Earlier this year I organized our pantry and had to laugh (and yet be appalled) to find 6 cans of black beans scattered on 3 shelves. I would have sworn that I didn't have any black beans and probably would have bought more the next time I went to the store!

I love your menu and can't wait to hear how it all works out.

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