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January 05, 2010


I have taken a few community ed type photo classes when slr 35mm were big. Do it it is so worth the time. I myself want to to the same for this digital stuff. You do quite well. I love the fav 2009 photo. Lots to talk about in that picture.

Thank you for teaching me this year that there was a word for that type of picture. One of the things I love about you is the fact that you never stop wanting to learn new things.

You have a great eye. You have taken many lovely pictures this year. Even when your subjects are uncooperative, you manage to get a beautiful shot. I am glad to have you around to document all our lives!

Hey, Deb, that's a great shot. I too am trying to learn more about photography myself. I love those artistic shots with the background blurred. I think bokeh might also refer to those sparkly circles that appear in photos when light bounces around in the shot. Not sure exactly, but I've seen that term used and that's what I saw. Thanks for including me in your faves & for coming by to see me often!

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