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January 23, 2010


OMG that was like looking at a future picture of Youngest! Just Gorgeous, my friend. Happy Birthday! As a child bride, I was celebrating my 2 month anniversary on my 21st birthday! My new in-laws decided to take me out for my first (umm...okay) drink and we went to an '80s lounge complete with lots of overgrown greenery and rattan furniture. We all made a big deal of going up to the bar with my in-laws hinting heavily that it was "someone's big day" and the lame-high-on-perm-fumes-bartender never got it, didn't card me (did I already look a decade older than my age??) as my now-somewhat-subdued-in-laws watched in anticipation as I consumed my "first" (sure, I'll go with first) Long Island Iced Tea. What a night!

Wow- a long island ice tea for your first cocktail....I'm impressed!

Holy Toledo I wish the 21 year olds today look like you did. So glad your back hasn't done that again. My 21st lasted for days with about 72 cards and flowers etc etc. What fun to remember that and I will double it + 8 next year. Woooooweeee here we go.

On my 21st, I was at a wedding of a family friend. My sister was maid of honor so I had to go (my 16th bday was also spent at a wedding!) There was NO alcohol at the reception. Made up for it the following Thursday...ladies night at all the Ypsi bars. First stop was long island ice teas at a place that has thrown me out for drinking a few months before!

I was an RA in my dorm and on my 21st I was on call and had two exams the next day. I have since made up for it of course and all is right with the world

LAM- I'm seeing a trend with the Long Island Ice teas- I'm impressed. That's one of those sneaky pete drinks- tastes good going down- but sneaks up on you...

LAF- OOOHHH- the big one is coming up...glad to know that....

K- I'm happy to know you have since made up for your 21st birthday night...I was an RA my sophomore year...we'll have to share stories!

I consider it the best one...not the big one.....LOL...I'll now have to try and act like an adult. LOL LOL LOL

Bossy is too busy immersed in your 1985 to comment on hers. Except to say, Don't You Forget About Me, yay -- and "We Built This City On Rock And Roll, boo (and now it's unfortunately stuck in Bossy's head.)

Wow ~ mem-oh-ries, gurrl!!! :) I'm thinking there must have been a reason you were stuck flat on your back and forced to stay in that night. Glad it never happened again!
My 21st year was huge as I moved from my small town world in Ohio to Boston. Never been the same since. :)
I enjoyed your trip down the proverbial lane and have to agree with LAF, we must be showing our age cuz the 21 yr olds today look nothing like we did. ::sigh:: Our parents probably thought the same....

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